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Winter Sports Tryouts

Winter Sport Tryouts

Winter Sports Tryouts Begin Monday October 29th.

Must Receive Gold Card to Tryout

To get Gold Card you must have completed

Complete Current School year physical uploaded to

Completed concussion test once in high school. 

At least 2.0 GPA at 1st Quarter 


Boys Basketball- Freshmen 4- 5:45 Small Gym

                                     Sophomores- 5:45-7:30  Small gym

                               Junior and Seniors 4-6:30 Big Gym


Girls Basketball- Freshmen and Sophomores  7:30- 9:30 Small Gym

                              Junior and Seniors 6:30-8:30 Big Gym


Boys Soccer- Monday 6-8 Stadium

Tuesday 4-6 Softball field

Wed- Var 3-5 Stadium JV-Softball field


Girls Soccer- Varsity 6-8 Stadium

Jv 4-6 Softball field


Wrestling- Wrestling Room Across from gym 4-6