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Spring 2021 Textbook Return

Will C. Wood Library 

7:30 am - 3:45 pm

Friday, May 28 to

Thursday, June 3

Failure to return book will result in debt to student account.

VECHS Textbooks

FALL 2021 SCC Textbooks

Please complete the FALL 2021 Textbook Request Google Form below.


STEP 1: Find your Books on the SCC Bookstore Textbook Website:

  1. Go to the Solano Community College Bookstore Textbook Website: 

  2. Select the Term (ex. Fall 2021), type the Department Name (ex. ENGL), Course (Ex 001) and the 5 digit Section Number (ex 80060) from the drop down options. You can get these numbers from your SCC course schedule.

  3. Click the “Find Materials” button, your required textbooks will be shown on the next screen.

  4. Keep this tab open, you will need to copy the textbook title(s) and edition into the Google form below

STEP 2: Once you have located your textbooks for the course, complete this Google Form a separate time for EACH TEXTBOOK YOU NEED TO REQUEST.


Fall 2021 VECHS SCC Textbook Request Form

If we do not have the textbook you need in our collection, you will be issued a voucher from to use in the SCC Bookstore (Fairfield Campus) to purchase your book(s). Once you purchase your book(s) with a voucher, you must return to WCW to have those books bar-coded and checked out to you in your name.


***Students who enroll in over the 11.9 unit cap are responsible for all fees and textbooks.

*** Students who purchase a SCC book that they could have borrowed from WCW will not be reimbursed for the cost of the book.