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Staff Directory

Contact Mark Wudel  Mark Wudel Teacher - Computers/Business Math
Contact Andrea Ahlin  Andrea Ahlin Registrar
Contact Tracey Caler  Tracey Caler Counseling Secretary
Contact Monica Cole  Monica Cole Counselor (A-GO)
Contact Liz Jensen  Liz Jensen Counselor (GR-MI, AVID)
Contact Jamie Russell  Jamie Russell Counselor (Moisa-P, VECHS)
Contact Elizabeth Urabe  Elizabeth Urabe Head Counselor (Q-Z, EL)
Contact Todd Blanset  Todd Blanset English Teacher
Contact Sharon Homich  Sharon Homich English Teacher / AVID Teacher / Dept. Chair
Contact Annamarie Jimenez  Annamarie Jimenez Teacher - English/Theatre Arts
Contact Miranda Merino  Miranda Merino ex: 2209 English Teacher
Contact Christina Mitsiopoulos  Christina Mitsiopoulos English / AVID Teacher
Contact Kevin OLeary  Kevin OLeary English Teacher
Contact Katherine Patton  Katherine Patton Teacher
Contact Tracy Ruiz  Tracy Ruiz English Teacher / Link Crew Advisor
Contact Breanne Sirokman  Breanne Sirokman English Teacher
Contact Mark Spencer  Mark Spencer English Teacher
Contact Katie Stonebraker  Katie Stonebraker English / ELD Teacher
Fine Arts
Contact Stephanie Jones  Stephanie Jones Art Teacher / Dept. Chair
Contact Danelle Kanellis  Danelle Kanellis Art Teacher
Contact Carrie Wilkerson  Carrie Wilkerson Photography Teacher
Foreign Language
Contact Shannon Abin  Shannon Abin Spanish Teacher / EL Coordinator / Dept. Chair
Contact Kerri Allio  Kerri Allio Teacher
Contact Andrew Clark  Andrew Clark Teacher - Spanish
Contact Sheila McCumber  Sheila McCumber French Teacher
Contact Jeanine Nunogawa  Jeanine Nunogawa Teacher - Spanish
Contact Chris Wagner  Chris Wagner Spanish Teacher
Contact Meredith Westman  Meredith Westman Teacher
Health & Science
Contact Nancy Anderson-Louie  Nancy Anderson-Louie Science Teacher
Contact Steve Cuckovich  Steve Cuckovich Health Teacher
Contact Kevin English  Kevin English Science Teacher
Contact Bob Fernandez  Bob Fernandez Health / Science Teacher
Contact Michelle Hawkins  Michelle Hawkins Science Teacher
Contact Heather Leonard  Heather Leonard (707) 453-6900 ex: 8049 Science / AVID Coordinator / Dept. Chair
Contact Melanie Ludwig  Melanie Ludwig Science Teacher
Contact Julia Monk  Julia Monk Kinesiology Teacher
Contact Ms. Waugh  Ms. Waugh Science Teacher
Contact Brittany Wensky  Brittany Wensky Science Teacher
Home Economics
Contact Diane Eble  Diane Eble Culinary Arts Teacher
Industrial Arts
Contact Glenn Branaman  Glenn Branaman Woods Teacher
Contact Nathan Collins  Nathan Collins Metals / Robotics Teacher
Contact Robert Lovesee  Robert Lovesee Teacher - Social Science/VECHS
Contact Chip Reeves  Chip Reeves Auto Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Mrs. Englehardt  Mrs. Englehardt Math Teacher
Contact Desti Gardner  Desti Gardner Math Teacher
Contact Leah Gissler  Leah Gissler Teacher
Contact Brenda Hensley  Brenda Hensley Math Teacher
Contact Joy Holleran  Joy Holleran Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Miller  Mrs. Miller Teacher
Contact Daniel Rodriguez  Daniel Rodriguez (707) 453-6900 ex: 3015 Math Teacher
Contact Amanda Stokholm  Amanda Stokholm Math Teacher
Contact Cori Vander Werf  Cori Vander Werf Teacher
Contact Mark Wudel  Mark Wudel Teacher - Computers/Business Math
Performing Arts
Contact Colby Hawkins  Colby Hawkins Choir Teacher
Contact Annamarie Jimenez  Annamarie Jimenez Teacher - English/Theatre Arts
Contact Joanna Mackinson  Joanna Mackinson Orchestra Teacher/Dept. Chair
Contact Eric Roberts  Eric Roberts Band Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Kirk Anderson  Kirk Anderson Teacher
Contact Andrea Daniels  Andrea Daniels Teacher
Contact Lauren Cornell  Lauren Cornell Teacher - PE
Contact Diane Looker  Diane Looker P.E. Teacher
Contact Nick Voight  Nick Voight P.E. Teacher
Social Studies
Contact Scott Bassett  Scott Bassett (707) 453-6900 ex: x2505 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Mike Humphreys  Mike Humphreys Social Studies Teacher
Contact Mack Jones  Mack Jones Social Studies / AVID Teacher / Dept. Chair
Contact Ashley Kelly, Ashley  Ashley Kelly, Ashley Teacher
Contact Robert Lovesee  Robert Lovesee Teacher - Social Science/VECHS
Contact Edward Murphy  Edward Murphy (707) 453-6900 ex: 8093 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Evan Provost  Evan Provost Teacher
Contact Laura Roberts  Laura Roberts Social Studies/English Teacher
Contact Jared Ropelato  Jared Ropelato Social Studies Teacher / Stu Govt. Adviser
Special Education
Contact Carla Accettola  Carla Accettola Teacher
Contact Kathy Brown  Kathy Brown (707) 453-6900 ex: 8096 Special Education Teacher
Contact Michele DiPasquale  Michele DiPasquale (707) 453-6900 ex: 2502 English 11 & 12/TPP/ Department Chair
Contact Debra Harriman  Debra Harriman Special Education Teacher
Contact Carlos Meraz  Carlos Meraz Special Education Teacher / Dept. Chair
Contact Anthony Seres  Anthony Seres Teacher - PERL
Contact Ellen Vice  Ellen Vice Special Education Teacher
Contact Rebecca Ward  Rebecca Ward Teacher

Cliff De Graw

Assistant Principals: 
Kathleen Farros-Hoeppner
Jonathan Cole

Dean of Learning Support:
Michael Boles Sr.

Athletic Director:
Mark Wudel

Activities Director:
Jared Ropelato