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Local Scholarships

It is Scholarship Season! Many residents of Vacaville, local merchants, business service groups, clubs, and professional organizations have offered to assist Will C. Wood High School seniors in pursuing further education at colleges, universities, and specialized schools. We are grateful for their contributions and encouragement. 


There are two categories for Local Scholarships

1. Common Application Scholarships - one application for 17 different scholarships all due March 29th. 

2. Individual Scholarships- each with unique application requirements and deadlines.

Questions? Please see Mrs. Caler in the Will C. Wood Counseling Office or call 707- 453- 6900 x 1008


Please check the descriptions of the scholarships in the Common Scholarship Brochure before applying to make sure you are eligible.  Hard copies of the applications and brochures are available in the Scholarship Cabinet (top drawer) in the counseling office or can be clicked below to download the pdf. Please make sure you read the descriptions in the brochure and complete any special items that are required by the Donor.  To make things easier for you please complete one application completely and leave the scholarship title at the top blank.  Then make copies of the completed application and then fill in the title for each scholarship you are applying for. Bring completed application, along with any special requirements, to Mrs. Caler in the Counseling Office.  Due date is Friday,  March 29, 2019 by 3:30pm.  NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Individual Local Scholarships require their own individual application for each scholarship, which are available in the Scholarship Cabinet (bottom drawer) in the Counseling Office.  General requirements for each scholarship are outlined in the Individual Scholarship Brochure.  Please read this brochure carefully before applying to verify that you are eligible.  Some scholarships have their own unique requirements, deadline, GPA, etc., so read and follow directions carefully.   Unless an earlier due date or submission request is specified in these applications, they are due to Mrs. Caler in the counseling office on Friday, March 29th by 3:30 pm.  Please note that the Auldin Briggs Achievement and Harry & Eleanor Nelson Endowment Fund Scholarships can only be found online only (see description in brochure).