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Foreign Language

Online Resources

Application / Website What is it? Cost? How it is used in class?
Class Dojo

Behavior Management Tool



Students earn positive and negative points individually and as team. Students are able to track their points using the Class Dojo app.

Online Assessment Tool



Provides mulitple choice, Fill in blank, Essay and several ways to give a formal assessment. Questions can be randomized. Also provides a way to create fun activities for your student using your own content. Quia will automatically grade fill in the blank, multiple choice and True/False questions.
Formerly Educanon.

Online Videos with Check for Understanding


Free- limited only multiple choice questions.

$89/yr - full access includes being able to create different types of questions besides multiple choice.

Wagner -I only use the free version. I assign students a weekly grammar video. Students have to watch the video in its entirety. I create 3-4 CFU type questions. Playposit tracks the students' answers. 

Online Flashcards with games and learning activities.


Free - Limited (you can create flashcards for your students to study and do activities and games)


$25/yr - With Quizlet Teacher you can view Class Progress, use Voice Recording, upload your own images to sets, and create unlimited classes.

Wagner - I pay for the year subscription. Students are required to review flashcards, do a learning activity and try a game weekly. I give them a weekly score.


I also use Quizlet.Live as a class game. Students really enjoy it but can be glitchy at times. Here is some more information on how this works.



Quick multiple choice assessment using printed out QR codes and your cellphone.



Wagner - I printed out a class set on card stock. We do a practice round to make sure they know how to show their answer. I then give them a question, and as soon as everyone has their answer up I scan the cards. It takes about 30 seconds to scan the room and pick up all the answers. After a few other questions, I show students their results using the graph on and then we discuss why we got right or wrong.
ClassZone Logo.jpg

Website that goes along with Spanish Textbook AVANCEMOS.



Wagner - Students complete the @HomeTutor and Conjuegemos sections for a grade in class every 3 weeks or so. I give student step by step direction to follow. Student email me a session report for their grade. Here is an example of the handout I give them.

Poll Everywhere.png

Poll Everywhere

Allows student to text in both open response and multiple choice with their cellphone or chromebook.


Free - Limited use


$50/yr - upgraded features.

Wagner- I've used the free version one or twice as a way to informally assess students. I prefer using other methods but I noticed that my student really like having a chance to use their phone in class. It can also be embed directly into Power point slides.

Send reminder texts to students.



Wagner- I use to send a remind text to student who are signed up when assignment are due.