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Bell Schedules

Academic Success

*The Academic Success period rotates daily (never on Wednesdays) through all classes and then the cycle repeats throughout the semester. For example, in the above bell schedule, Monday would be Academic Success for Period 1, Tuesday for Period 2, Thursday for Period 3, and Friday for Period 4. The following week, Monday would be Academic Success for Period 5, and Tuesday for Period 6. The cycle would then repeat starting with Period 1 on Thursday, and so on. All students must attend Academic Success.  During this period students are given extra time and support from their teachers to complete assignments, re-learn or practice content that has not yet been mastered, work on assignments from another class, or read/study silently. Advanced students may serve as tutors and help other individuals or groups of students. This period is treated seriously by teachers and staff and must be utilized by students for academic purposes.