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WCW Scrip

Welcome to the Will C. Wood High School Scrip Webpage.

The Scrip Program is a 'no cost to you' fundraiser for Will C. Wood High School. The Scrip Program at Will C. Wood High generates virtually FREE monetary donations for our school!  It costs you nothing!

WCW participates in 3 programs:

eScrip (,  Raley's Quality of Life Program (,  and Food4Less/Nugget Market Scrip Program



eScrip- When you register online with eScrip, designate the eScrip Group ID – 141478230 or Will C. Wood High School as the organization for which you would like to receive funds. Use the appropriate card(s) every time you shop, WCW receives a donation from participating merchants. It is electronic and quite simple. Yes, you can still get the frequent flier miles AND a donation to the school!


eScrip accepts merchants cards from; Safeway, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, any debit/ATM card and merchant cards such as OfficeMax, Linen's & Things see for more details.



Raley's Quality of Life Program

- Something new is coming to scrip! As a benefit of our brand new Something Extra rewards program, we're proud to introduce a new, simpler way to fund-raise for your school or youth organization: Extra Credit.


Raley's Extra Credit scrip program is now open for enrollment and offers many exciting benefits, including:  Improved enrollment - No more lengthy registration process! Sign up quickly and directly at (with your Something Extra membership)  Easier to use - No card to remember at checkout means eligible purchases automatically earn funds.  Generous funding - Raley's has dedicated $1.5 million to youth education through our Extra Credit program.  No fees - As always, Raley's is absorbing 100% of all administrative fees for our scrip program. Unlike other programs, there are absolutely no costs!


To sign up for Extra Credit, you'll need to first be a member of our new Something Extra rewards program. To learn more about Something Extra and enroll, visit this link:


Once enrolled(or if you're already enrolled in Something Extra!) you can easily add scrip to your membership benefits by visiting this link: 


Food4Less/Nugget Market
- Join the Scrip program and donate up to 4% of your purchases to WCW.  Scrip Cards are available here at WCW.  When you register online with,  designate Will C. Wood High Athletics as the organization for which you would like to receive funds. If you need a card contact the Scrip Team at or fill out the Designate my card form and put need new card in the Nugget card space.



Question or just need more information please feel free to contact the Scrip Team at