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Behavior and Eligibility

At Will C. Wood we use a merit/demerit plan to determine behavior-based eligibility for athletics and student activities. For each discipline infraction, a student will be assigned demerits based on the severity of the infraction. At 20 demerits, students and parents/guardians will be notified that they are close to losing privileges. At 30 demerits students will be disqualified from participation in all extracurricular activities, including all dances, rallies, athletics, clubs etc.

Parent/Student Notification

After 30 demerits, the parent/guardian will be mailed a formal VUSD Misbehavior Letter indicating that the student is ineligible to participate in the aforementioned activities until he/she earns merits to restore eligibility. Additional VUSD Misbehavior Letters will be sent each time the student accrues 30 more demerits  (60, 90, etc…).

Appeals Process/Earning Merits and Community Service

A student with 30 or more demerits may seek an appeal if he/she believes there are extraordinary reasons that warrant reinstatement of eligibility. Please make an appointment with the designated Assistant Principal for your student’s last name to discuss this option for earning merits through campus community service.

Activities and Demerits

Students who have less than 30 demerits AND whose attendance rate is at least 85% are eligible to participate in the following activities:

  • Athletics
  • Band/Choir Trips
  • ASB Dances
  • Field Trips
  • Homecoming Activities
  • Link Crew
  • Powder Puff Football
  • Prom
  • Car Show Participation
  • Parking Permit
  • Cheerleading
  • Senior BBQ
  • Winter Ball
  • Off-Campus Lunch Pass
  • Battle of the Bands Participation
  • Other Activities TBD

Demerits & Merits

Demerits are assigned as follows:

Merits are awarded as follows:

IHD = 3 demerit/period

Voluntary Saturday School = 5 merits

Administrative Detention = 2 demerit

School Clean-up/Community Service = 2 merits/hour

IHS = 8 demerits/day

Super Saturday = 5 merits

Suspension = 10 demerits/ day

Teacher Recommendation = TBD

Saturday School = 5 demerits

Other = 1 merit (i.e. B.U.G. award, Smarty Pants, 100% Club, etc.)

Other = 1 demerit (i.e. Dress Code, phone Violation, etc.)

Per Admin/Gold Bucks, Etc.