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Join CSF! An honor society recognizing students who complete challenging academic classes and do well. Life members are eligible for local C.S.F. scholarship and for recognition at graduation.

Student Clubs


4-12 Club

A club for all those who wish to share their Christian Faith in their community and school. Meetings in D-2 at lunch on Wednesdays; Advisor: Sirokman


 Asian Pacific Islands Club. API celebrates cultural diversity on campus, while giving back to the school campus and the surrounding community. Students from ALL backgrounds are welcome. Meetings in A-3 during lunch on THURSDAY; Advisor: Calip 

Black Student Union

 This club is to unite the African American students on campus and celebrate their culture and diversity. 3rd Tuesday of Each Month at Lunch in B-7.  Advisor:  Mrs. Stonebreaker


Bad Femenist Club

Wednesdays at Lunch in S1; Advisor: Mrs. Waugh


Book Club

 A club for students to gather to discuss different forms of literature. Every Other Tuesday During Flex-Time in S-10; Advisor: Nancy Anderson-Louie


Cosplay Club

 A club for students interested in the art of cosplay. Students can discuss different costume ideas and ways to better orchestrate such ideas. Every Other Tuesday During Flex-Time in S-2. Advisor: Wensky


C.S.F- (California Scholarship Federation)

An honor society recognizing students who complete challenging academic classes and do well.  Life members are eligible for local C.S.F. scholarship and for recognition at graduation. Sign-ups at the beginning of each semester are advertised over announcements and can be picked up at B-10 and B-11. Advisors: Todd Blanset and Christina Mitsiopolous


Debate Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students with a safe space to debate opposing arguments and develop their public speaking skills. Students in the club may have the opportunity to participate in debate tournaments. Meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays in C8. The club’s Thursday meetings are optional. Advisor: Jeanine Nunogawa


Drama Club

 This club is open to all students who have an interest in either onstage or backstage work at the Catwalk Theatre.  Experience is always welcome, but not necessary. Advisor: Mrs. Jimenez


Forever Friends

This is an opportunity for students to be matched to a student with disabilities and help bring them to experiencing a fuller high school career. In celebrating our differences we find out just how much we are similar. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lunch in M-11; Advisor: Mack Jones


French Club

 Open to all students interested in French language and culture of any of the many countries where French is spoken. We participate in a variety of activities as decided by club members. These include: eating at French restaurants or preparing French meals; participating in community events, such as the Cultural Diversity Fair; raising funds to donate to a worthy cause that provides assistance to people in a French speaking country. New members are always welcome. Tuesdays During Flex-Time in B-5. Advisor:  Sirokman


Game Club

 Video game club is one of WCW's longest running clubs.  Founded in 1996, VGC was made on the premise of providing a safe place to play games for all students in Vacaville.  Game Club meets every other Friday after school. Advisor: Vander Verf C1


Friday August 23rd in the quad!
WCW Clubs!


Gardening Club

Appreciates a clean and healthy environment, in addition to anyone who wants to achieve that same goal!  Plant seeds and them them grow. Experience and green thumbs aren't necessary. Tuesdays During Flex-Time in S-7. Advisor: Ludwig



Gender and Sexuality Alliance, GSA celebrates diversity on campus; promotes tolerance and respect among students; promotes a safe campus for all students; and provides a place for students to find support. All students are welcome. Every Other Thursday During Flex-Time in S-13;Advisor Hensley


Interact Club

 All students who are interested in serving the community can do so through this club! Interact Clubs are all over the country and work with local Rotary International Clubs in order to support the school and community. Tuesdays During Flex-Time in A-9;  Advisor: Mrs. Kelly


Latino Unidos

 This club is to unite the Hispanic students on campus and celebrate their culture and diversity. Tuesdays During Flex-Time in B-9; Advisor: Merino


Math Club

This club offers math help for those who need it. It is also a club for those who are interested in mathematics in general. Every Other Friday During Flex-Time in C-12; Advisor: Morton


Orchestra Club

 This club often works on fundraisers for orchestra. It also helps plan orchestra events, trips, and competitions. The club meets on Tuesdays during lunch in the band room. Advisor:Joanna Mackinson


Outdoor Adventures Club

 The Outdoor Adventures Club is for people who want to spend time and learn more about the many adventures available to us living in California. Some of the adventures we enjoy are hiking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, skiing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing and more. Open to everyone. Fridays During Flex-Time in S-6.  Advisor: Mr. English



A service group run through the Soroptimist International in Vacaville. The club’s main aim is to aid women and children in the community. Every Other Wednesday at Lunch in A-5. Advisor: Ruiz


The Beauty Community.  

Tuesdays During Lunch in A-3. Advisor: Calip


VECHS Wolfpack

Every Other Tuesday During Flex-Time in S-10.  Advisor: Anderson-Louie


Youth Campus Club (Youth CC)

Wednesdays in D2 at Lunch. Advisor/Discussion Meetings on Thursday During Flex-Time in B-5. Advisor: Sirokman