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Career and Technical Ed. (CTE)

CTE Staff Directory
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(WCW) (2 sem) 9th – 12th grade                              Prerequisite:  None

Auto Tech I introduces the student to the modern automobile in terms of its basic components and their operations.  Emphasis is placed upon the power plant and its component systems.  The main objective is proper maintenance, e.g., lubricating, cooling, fuel, and electrical systems.  The student is also introduced to the drive train of the modern automobile.  The basic parts and operations of the clutch, transmission, drive line, differential, axles, brakes, and front-end geometry is the focus of attention.  The chief objective is the proper maintenance of these components.  Both classroom and laboratory time will be involved.



(WCW)  (2 sem)  11th, 12th and adult                      Prerequisite:  Auto Tech I with a grade of "C" or completion of Auto 1A & Auto 1B, or                                                                                                                         with instructor's permission.

This course provides classroom and practical instruction in the three major areas of automotive service and maintenance; 1) engine performance, 2) auto electronics, and 3) braking systems.  This is a two-period, yearlong course opened to 11th and 12th graders.  Students must have completed Auto Tech I with a grade of “C” or better, or with instructor’s permission.



(VHS/WCW)  (1 or  2 semesters) 9th – 12th grade   Prerequisite:  None

A basic course into the fundamentals of mechanical/technical drawing.  Covers drafting tools and uses, drawing to scale, lettering, layout, geometric constructions, orthographic projection, pictorial drawing, and dimensioning conventions.  This course provides introductory training and experiences into the basics of drafting techniques and knowledge.  Students who complete both semesters of this course may earn credit for Drafting 45 at Solano Community College.


(VHS/WCW) (1 yr) 9th – 12th grade                        Prerequisite:A) Completion or concurrent enrollment in Algebra I;
                                                                                                        B) Concurrent enrollment in a science class;
                                                                                                        C) Recommendation of science or math teacher.

Principles of Engineering will consist of instruction and hands on learning in eight main areas;  introduction to engineering and robotics, safety, mechanical systems (static and dynamic), fluid power systems (pneumatics), electronics (DC), Computer Aided Design, Programming (C), and Systems Integration.  Coursework in these areas will be focused around the FIRST Robotics Competition.  Students will be required to participate fully in all aspects of this competition which may include fundraising, community presentations, mentoring of other teams, graphic and animation production, and website maintenance.  Students will be expected to be available after school and on weekends during Jan – Mar.



(VHS/WCW) (1 sem) 9th – 12th grade                     Prerequisite:  None

Beginning Metals is a semester-length course organized to teach the students fundamentals of working efficiently and safely with hand tools and power equipment.  Shop work will cover basic bench metal, sheet metal, introductory oxyacetylene, Arc welding and foundry area.  Students are also given instruction on the operation of the metal lathe, drill press, pedestal grinder, bandsaw, disc sander and vertical mill.



(VHS/WCW) (1 sem) 9th – 12th grade                     Prerequisite:  Beginning Metals

Intermediate Metals concentrates on machining of metals.  More complex procedures used in machining metals are learned.  Precision measurement, layout procedures, metal finishing, and production techniques are practiced.  Shop and machine tool safety are stressed.  Students have an opportunity to investigate careers in the metal working industry.



(VHS/WCW) (1 sem) 10th- 12th grade                    Prerequisite:  Intermediate Metals with a C or better or consent of teacher.

Covers oxyacetylene welding theory and practice, oxyacetylene cutting, brazing, direct current arc welding theory and practice, DC arc welding equipment and supplies, alternating current arc welding, preparation of metal for welding, and testing of welds.  Gas metal-arc welding (M.I.G.) and gas tungsten-arc welding (T.I.G.) will be introduced.  Students will be encouraged to construct welding projects.  Shop safety is stressed, and safe work habits are developed.




(VHS/WCW) (1 sem) 9th – 12th grade                     Prerequisite:  None

Beginning Woodworking is a one-semester elective course.  This introductory course will give the student an introduction into basic woodworking technology.  The student will acquire knowledge of planning and construction of a woodworking project.  The student will also develop accuracy, craftsmanship and discover their technical abilities and interest.



(VHS/WCW) (1 sem) 9th – 12th grade                     Prerequisite:   Completed Beginning Woodworking at the high school level with a "C" or                                                                                                          better or teacher recommendation

This course reinforces and expands upon the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the beginning woodworking class.  The student will use acquired as well as new skills to complete a required project; accuracy, neatness of construction will be stressed.  The student will receive instruction in wood joinery and advanced machine joinery.  The student will develop safe work practices and good working relationships along with a wise use of time.


(VHS/WCW) (1 sem - May be repeated for credit) 10th – 12th grade    
                                                                                Prerequisite:  Intermediate Woodworking passing with a “C” or better. 

This course is designed to increase the knowledge and abilities of the more competent woodworker.  Areas covered include safety, project planning and bill of material, complex tool operations, special jigs and set ups, production techniques, machine-tool maintenance, and cabinet construction. 



(WCW)  (1 yr)  11th – 12th grade                             Prerequisite:  Junior standing and consent of instructor

Students will be provided with a general introduction and overview of careers in carpentry, plumbing & pipefitting, electrical, and iron and steel construction.  Topics to be covered:  Introduction to the Trades; safety of common tools along with use and care, blueprints, technical math, projects utilizing the basic components of the above mentioned trades.