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English/Language Arts

(Rear Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Stonebraker, Mr. Blanset, Mrs. Sirokman, Mr. Spencer, Mr. O'Leary, Ms. Ruiz (Front Row Left to Right) Ms. Mitsiopolous, Ms. Merino, Mrs. Villeneuve, Ms. Jimenez, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Homich 

English Staff Directory
Contact Todd Blanset  Todd Blanset English Teacher
Contact Sharon Homich  Sharon Homich English Teacher / AVID Teacher / Dept. Chair
Contact Annamarie Jimenez  Annamarie Jimenez Teacher - English/Theatre Arts
Contact Miranda Merino  Miranda Merino English Teacher
Contact Christina Mitsiopoulos  Christina Mitsiopoulos English / AVID Teacher
Contact Desiree Nothstine  Desiree Nothstine VECHS English Teacher
Contact Kevin OLeary  Kevin OLeary English Teacher
Contact Laura Roberts  Laura Roberts Social Studies/English Teacher
Contact Tracy Ruiz  Tracy Ruiz English Teacher / Link Crew Advisor
Contact Breanne Sirokman  Breanne Sirokman English Teacher
Contact Mark Spencer  Mark Spencer English Teacher
Contact Katie Stonebraker  Katie Stonebraker English / ELD Teacher
Contact Launda Thompson  Launda Thompson VECHS English Teacher
Contact Kelly Villeneuve  Kelly Villeneuve Teacher